In current research of the meaning of my name, I discovered that one website summarizes its meaning as “magical counsel” or “elf counsel”.  I have also been told that it means “little elves” or “bearlike”.  I’m not sure where the latter description came from, but it certainly does not describe me and I think my parents were going by the sound of the name rather than the meaning.

That aside, I am an avid reader and runner in my spare time.  I am also  a (almost) full time assistant manager of a not-for-profit fair trade store, and a student on the side:)  I love to read a wide variety of books and I usually have a number of books going at once to cover each mood and genre.  Currently, I have been reading a lot of fiction and I am also very much interested in Canadian writing whether it be poetry, creative non-fiction or short stories.

I love to run trails to enjoy the outdoors.  My favourite author Annie Dillard sums it up when she says:

“If we were not here, material events like the passage of seasons would lack even the meager meanings we are able to muster for them. The show would play to an empty house, as do all those falling stars which fall in the daytime. That is why I take walks: to keep an eye on things.”  – Teaching a Stone to Talk

I love to absorb all that I can when running the trails and to notice all the changes that occur throughout the seasons.  I hope to be able to convey the beauty of some of these details I notice here on my blog to show you a bit of how I see things – whether it be a leaf I find on a trail, or how a vegetable feels in my hand as I cook.  I like to find beauty in these simple things.

Thanks for taking a minute to pause with me and to observe.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. .. and a good writer you are. I like the easy and honest style….. and I will be reading more of your offerings in a while. On my nightstand I have “Bud, Not Buddy” which I am reading to my son (9) and FAILURE OF NERVE (Leadership in the age of the quick fix) by Ed. Friedman….. – it is a wonderful study on the way leadership works and doesn’t work.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Rod Smith

  2. Thanks Rod! I am looking forward to practicing more of my creative writing here on my blog once I finish a whirlwind of papers for school. I have been doing so much writing this term – but not enough on this site;) Keep posted – there will be more soon.

    I will look into those books you are reading – sounds interesting. I have a younger sister who may be interested in that book you are reading to your son.

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