Nighttime in the city brings a heightened sense of awareness to sounds. The daytime hum of the city, at night becomes disconnected moments punctuating the stillness.

I have no idea how thin our walls are. I think our neighbours in our semi-detached home are even quieter than us so I have no reference point. The only sounds I hear from others in the house are at night – the creaking of the floorboards just before I doze off to sleep.

During the day, there is so much white noise in the city that drowns out the simple noises of a house. At first, the punctuations at night were heightened to my sensitized ear. It took me a whole year to get used to the many sounds of Toronto and to be able to fall asleep without earplugs. Now the late night passing of a streetcar soothes me off to sleep.

There is however, one late night noise that still jars me out of my routine. Every once and a while our late night movie will go beyond a normal hour. I often forget that we share a wall. Only twice now have I been jarred to this realization as an eerie thump raps three times against our wall.

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische