This is where I spend a lot of my time. First of all, we are very lucky to have a room as a dedicated office. Secondly, we are very lucky to have a beautiful bay window overlooking a field here in the big city. Thirdly, I am very lucky to have a special someone who had a roll-top desk made for me by the Old Mennonites! (Now I need to get to work!)

I have started a good collection of plants and I plan to start my gardening next spring from seed in this window. That bamboo table will be full of seeds in little trays. Yes, I’m thinking about it already. FIRST, I must finish my degree, so I will have to leave this space open for all the books I will be reading and using for my research papers.

That is my broken hard drive on top of my desk. Z decided to try and pull it apart and inspect it since no data could be salvaged off of it . . . don’t worry, I’ve shed my tears from all the lost data and I’ve learned my lesson about backing things up and maybe you can learn from that too.
Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.