Everyday I come home to my warm and cozy house effortlessly navigating my way through the rooms.  I have vivid memories of doing this in my parents house before I went to bed at night.  All the lights would be off (I was the night owl with the job of ensuring all electricity was saved overnight) and in the darkness I would imagine all the elements of the room around me as I made my way from my bedroom to the kitchen – through my doorway, across the hallway carpet and past the pocket door, across the cool marble tile of the entryway, over the hardwood with my hand raised to elbow height and gliding across the tops of the dining room chairs, through the doorway and a quick right into the kitchen for a late night glass of water or to retrieve a heated wheat bag from the microwave.

Now I live in a much older house here in Toronto.  The floor squelches as I make my way around on it.  I have become accustomed to the floor’s noisiness, but this character of my house adds character to my day.  The stairs are especially creaky.  Sometimes we hurry up them to retrieve one forgotten item.  I can hear Z’s bouncy step.  Other times I sleepily lumber  up them, taking in each creak along with my slow relaxed breaths.

This is my first video entry of  “my everyday dialogue” that I am sharing with you.  Right now I only have my lumix camera, but soon I should get my video camera back from loaning it out.  Right now I also only have Z’s Dell computer, but soon I will have my Mac back with a new and improved hard drive.  Actually, it is the crashing of my computer that has inspired me to creativity.  I now have a real notebook rather than a notebook computer.  I can write, list, draw, reflect cut and paste scrap items/beautiful Japanese paper.  I am more free to be and write my ideas in my own hand and then transfer them to digital form.  I am free to envision sharing my moments with you and my dialogue with my surroundings.

This is the space I walk in.  Mind the shadowy rooms – it is hallows eve after all.


Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.