I spend a lot of time in High Park.  We moved where we are now so that we could be close to this largest park in the city.  I go for runs there with Reggie multiple times a week and take him to the off-leash area.  Now I am one who goes to the park through all the seasons and in any weather.  I love to watch as the seasons change and how the park looks different.  In my mind I like to hold a series of images of each place so I can know it in its varied dress.

At the beginning of the month I was expressing my excitement for the upcoming blossoming trees to my massage therapist.  She is a fellow blogger and nature observer in the Don Valley.  You can check out her Beechwood Wetland Blog.  She has been keeping up on the blossoms for me and dropped by my store to let me know that the Cherry Blossoms are out in High Park.

Now I have been keeping tabs on the blossoms myself as well, but I did not know that they would be out in full bloom just a day after I had noticed that there were small buds!

The very next day I went over there on my run with Reggie to soak it all in – a beautiful pink/white canopy.  It was a serene and quiet Wednesday morning in the park.  On the weekend I decided to take Zak over there and little did I know how busy it would be.  I have never seen so many people in High Park!   It was as though there was a large concert taking place on the hill amongst the cherry blossoms.  The voices were rising through the excitement, as a crowd excitedly discusses an engaging concert during intermission

Everyone takes their turn posing in front of their favourite blossoming tree.  Cameras are focused closely on individual branches.  People mingling below the trees have animated and happy conversations – it’s hard not to smile, how often does one have a pink canopy overhead?  The colour is light and beautiful and the air is alight with spring.

Many of these people are only capturing what is High Park for two short weeks of a 52 week year.  I hope that they come back to see the changes, as they are just as beautiful.  Maybe I am just one of the few who likes to “keep an eye on things”.

“If we were not here, material events like the passage of seasons would lack even the meager meanings we are able to muster for them. The show would play to an empty house, as do all those falling stars which fall in the daytime. That is why I take walks: to keep an eye on things.”
– Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to Talk