While reading on the couch, my breakfast plate slides down the cushion and presses against my leg.  I nurse a large cup of earl grey tea, but even it is not enough to keep me going on this early morning.  I curl up on the pillow and listen to the birds singing outside my window.

An appointment and some errands get me out an about on the main street.  I find just the right annuals and take them home for a planter on my front porch.  I cut open my bag of dirt and bring it down to the front entrance.  Sitting cross-legged, I surround myself with the various flowers, my planter and my tools.  Dirt spills over the edge of the pot and finds its way under my nails.

I run the water and fill up the tub.  The sun is setting and pours through the space between the curtain and the window frame, shining on my face.  The music playing in the background understands the moment.  A swift breeze lifts the curtain and cools my dampened feet.  Through the lifted curtain I see the dark clouds roll in, adding texture to the sky.


late evening
Outside my kitchen door I pick my first few leaves of basil, rubbing and releasing the strong scent.  Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, freshly sliced lemon and fresh ground pepper along with a glass of wine.