Tonight I watched silently as the fireworks went off.

I enjoyed a new year’s on my own.

The repetition of each year is very meaningful to me.  I sense the beauty of repetition.  Even though I am living in a new place, I can somewhat reasonably expect that the seasons on holidays will occur in the same order that they did last year.    I look forward to a new year of quiet winter evenings, the Lenten season, Easter, spring, summer, and Christmas again.

In Gaza, the New Year’s celebrations were cancelled due to the Israeli invasion adn the refusal to cease fire.  The much needed supplies could not arrive from the UN.  The new year comes despite these events – even though there is no celebration in Gaza.  The new year still comes even though I sit here by myself as my kitten runs around with her new jingling mouse toy.

This year, the world’s official time keepers (I know not yet where they reside or who they are) added one second to the clocks.  Due to the change in climate, the tidal patterns have changed causing the earth’s rotation to slow down.

This time keeping that we rely upon has never been completely perfect.  We still fill in leap years every four years, so why not add a second every year while we’re at it?

Today, actually yesterday (as it is officially past midnight) I spent my morning reading and researching while I could have been working on my German course.  Then I went for a run, because if I went later in the day the windchill would’ve frozen my cheeks past their pink shiny glow.  Then I went grocery shopping because the store closed early and I didn’t want to sit idling in rush hour traffic (is there a Rush hour on New Years?).  Throughout the day I kept looking at the clock.  The hours kept passing by so quickly.  Each time I looked I felt guilty that I should’ve been doing something more important.

I did get to my German.  I even finished the chapters’ assignment.  This is how I decided to spend my last evening of 2008.  Now the time has rolled over and I still sit here.  I am blessed to have this moment – and maybe another year (that is a lot more than a moment).

May we all savour this moment and the ones that build upon it as they collect into days; and cherish the days as they shape the seasons; and learn from the repetition of the seasons as they form another year.  May we hold the tension of looking back and learning from the past as we look forward, and be where we are.