The snow has just begun to settle across the Toronto landscape.  It began to fill the cracks in the sidewalks as I was at work.  As I locked up the store and walked to the subway the snow covered the sidewalk.  I went from subway to streetcar – the white blanket was covering the side streets.  There is a different view out my window this night.  The view has dimmed and calmed.  The white haze is in the air.  The lights aren’t as bright.  This is the calm of the first snow before the rush of all the Christmas shoppers that will enter my store.

This time last year, I was looking through an old window with two separate panes.  The outside pane had a large gap along the frame which let a lot of cold air in, so I went to the local Canadian Tire to purchase some plastic.  I wanted to keep the heat in my room. It was a large window and I tried to seal it off.  To my luck it didn’t work.  The difference in temperature between the two panes caused a beautiful design on my window that I will never forget.  The effect was intensified as the temperatures outside dropped below -20.  My room and the inside pane was about 30 degrees warmer.  The south-facing window did not get warmed too much by the sunlight and gave a chance for snowflake patterns to frost on my window.  The sun reflected through.

Tonight I enjoy the wintry haze through my sealed window – no draft pouring through, no sparkling rays.