Waking up.   Less than an hour to get ready for work and do a few household tasks – sort and start the laundry.  I busy myself with my morning routine of making the bed, showering, eating breakfast while making lunch and putting mascara on.  When one makes a habit of hitting the snooze button, multi-tasking becomes a very proficient skill.  Unfortunately, my eye scans the apartment.  In the corner, underneath the reading chair is a pile of dirt.  Two green sprouts stick out.   They’ve been growing for a few months now, only to be toppled over by a curious kitten who has taken advantage of having the run of the place while I was sleeping.

I can’t let all that hard work and care for this struggling tree go to waste.  In the five minutes before I leave I grab my broom and sweep up the dirt, gently placing each of the two little sprouts back in the pot.

A few days later, I go to water it.  I see a few strands of my hair poking out of the pot.  I swept up more than just dirt.