“Question: What causes the wind? Why do I fee some way in the wind?

Answer: Trees Fan the wind as they sway. Bushes help. Your heart fills up.”

Annie Dillard
Some Questions and Answers about Natural History
Tickets for a Prayer Wheel

I can’t help but smile and think that these are her first pure and innocent reactions as she walks out her door into the wind. The title of the poem makes it seem like it will be such a scientific poem, but the questions and answers she has seem almost childlike and innocent.

Coming back to Ontario, I have noticed the wind more than I usually do. The wind is more constant and soothing here. In Alberta, the wind mostly comes when there is a storm. The wind here fools me – it can be even harsher than the winds that bring a storm. I brace myself, but I am forced to let go because the storm that I am expecting does not come.

There are so many more trees here at the cottage. They tower over me in the night as dark looming shadows, but bring a gentle soothing sound. I have grown accustomed to the Alberta Aspen leave that dots the sky, but the Ontario Maple leaf has a warmer sound – maybe there are other reasons for that. I feel at home here.